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Sunday, January 31, 2010

Pulling a Stupid Face

Ever crossed the road and looked the wrong way? And hey presto, a car's nearly on you, so what do you do? You freeze. And your life doesn't flash before your eyes, 'cause you're too fucking scared to think – you just freeze, and pull a stupid face.

We lost our hockey game 1-0 tonight. It was disappointing. I had a few good chances, but their goalie was hot. He didn't let any rebounds. I was on the doorstep waiting 4 or 5 times.

I almost died too, well, maybe not died, but broken ribs or who knows what. We were in our defensive zone on the penalty kill. There was a scramble in front of the net and I got pushed down. The puck squirted out to the point. Their defense-man got the puck. I was between him and the net laying on the ice. I see him pull back for a slap shot. This is one of their best players with a hard, hard shot. My instinct is to pull up in the fetal position. My whole body tensed, and I'm pretty sure I pulled a stupid face, like please don't kill me. A second passes and I'm not feeling shooting pain in my ribs, or blood oozing anywhere. He's faked the shot and is handling the puck.

I told him thanks during intermission.

I'm usually a dick on the ice, but I'd like to think I'd do the same. I know I will now, since I was spared.

Check out 1:25

I also love the line "Now we are fucked..."


Saturday, January 30, 2010

Weekend Posts are Hard

This is where I might have fallen off the wagon with my post a day till my birthday thing. It's just harder on the weekend.

I'm currently lusting over these shin guards.

For a while I was into Mission products, but now Mission has been sold to Nike-Bauer so I'm getting into Warrior stuff, which is a bad thing because it's kind of a premium brand.

After I get these shin guards, whenever they go on clearance to make way for the 2010 models, I'll really have no reason to buy any new gear for quite some time.

Game tomorrow. One we have a chance to win. I really need a goal though. I'm on a bit of a dry spell. I can score at will in Rat Hockey, but in a game I just get all tense or something. I need to relax and just try and have fun.


Friday, January 29, 2010

The Devil Went Down to Peoria

How much is my Mechanical Engineering soul worth? $5000, $10,000 or maybe $15,000? How about $20,000?

If selling my soul gets me back to Wisconsin would that make it OK?

I don’t know. I’m not a Pure Mechanical Engineer so maybe it really doesn’t matter.

It just really sucks that I’m doing this job right here, right now. I’ve peaked at 28. It will only be downhill from here no matter what. It’s just a matter of timing though, even if I stayed here I’d be forced into something worse, and it would be worse than anywhere else because it’s Peoria.

Would leading people who are designing something cool (in their opinion not necessarily mine) give me the same sense of worth as working on a complex machine?

If nothing else it could be a Purgatory I could cut my teeth in to move somewhere else that actually does make cool things. Lead people that actually make something I could get an engineering boner about. (ha ha get it, just like a culinary boner, but with engineering, and far less exciting than the real thing.)


Thursday, January 28, 2010

Now I Remember

I’ve been kind of down about Barack Obama. I was expecting a lot quickly just like a bunch of other people. I wanted a single payer healthcare system, the Iraq war to be completely over, strict Wall street regulation, etc. We didn’t get any of that, but he saved us from another Great Depression, and tried to work with an opposition party that has no fresh ideas and is unwilling to work with him on anything. Republican’s think they win if he fails, which may be right, but eventually American’s will catch on and be pissed.

I was reminded why he’s an exceptional leader last night. Last night he reenergized his base, and probably swung some from the middle over to his side again. Those nut jobs on the far right are too far gone, but even they have to admit he can give a speech.

I’ve said it 1000 times, great leaders give great speeches to bring public opinion behind them and force their opponents in government to work with them.

Obama is the most skilled orator of our time, and perhaps one of the best ever.


China isn’t waiting, Germany isn’t waiting, India isn’t waiting. They aren’t playing for second place. I won’t accept second place for the United States of America.

Way too many other great lines and moments. (Calling out the Supreme Court! Awesome!)

It was a great State of the Union. Even if you hate him, check it out. If nothing else watch the last 10 minutes.


Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Oh no! I know!

A helping the universe post today. Maybe it will increase traffic to my blog.

I've been making ring tones because I know how now. It took me scouring over the internet since I don't have a web browsing phone, and I didn't want to pay anything for them.

So here is a tutorial on how to make yourself free ring tones for an env3 on Verizon. It would probably work for other phones too, but I know it works for the env3. If you don't have unlimited text messaging it's going to cost you.

If you have an .mp3 file you like, skip to the next step. If you know a youtube file of a song, or of a funny saying you want as your test message alert, go to this website to convert it to an .mp3 file.

youtube to mp3

Once you have an .mp3 you can chop it up to whatever size and place you want on this website

.mp3 editor

Now is the tricky part. How do you get that bastard on your phone? At first I was using this website to send myself a multimedia text message

free text message site

That site started to not work every time so I figured out that if you email your phone with the .mp3 file attached to it then you can save it as a ringtone.

For Verizon you need to send it to:


There it is, free ring tone.

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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Blog Post a Day Till My Birthday

Nick started blogging again which kind of blew my fucking mind. I think it’s kind of like when you stop using that piece of exercise equipment you bought and it’s never used again. Anyway, he had this post about some website that supports people doing a post a day for a month.

I like the idea of doing a post a day for a month, but don’t like the idea of signing up for some site. So I’ll try it without the support of this site. It’s January 26th, and in a month I’ll be 29. I’ll try for a post a day till then.

We’ll see how it pans out.

I’ve become an orphan at work. I’m done with my beloved D6 until the end of the year (hopefully I won’t be here for that test anyway). So now I’m just going to be passed around from machine to machine to do whatever comes up. Unless some sweet pipelayer work does, then I get to run that because I’m the pipelayer guy.

I was wondering today who thinks about me (because I’m selfish, but that’s another post altogether and I don’t want to burn it here.)

Not necessarily the obvious people who think of me everyday like my wife and kids who are in direct contact with me. I hope they think of me often and fondly, but maybe like random people that I’ve only come into contact with briefly or maybe a long time ago.

Like how about the dudes I used to cut meat with at the grocery store. Do I ever cross their minds?

I can’t remember the dudes name right now, but just now I was listening to Buckcherry “For the Movies” and I thought of the meat department because this dude brought in their CD one day and got me into them. Damn my bad memory… Dan? I think that’s right. Dan was a middle aged dude who trained me how to clean the department and eventually worked his way up to cutting. I wonder what he’s up to. Does he ever wonder what I’m up to?

Probably not, I’m just the warm little center of my universe, no one else’s.

Unless you’re reading this of course, then you’re thinking of me. (Blushing and giggling like a little girl.)

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Friday, January 22, 2010

What are you doing, Ness? You just gonna do your taxes right now? Is that hot? Is that what's going down in the streets?

Got about 95% done with my taxes in the past few days. Found out I was getting more back than I thought.

I think we'll pay off the remainder of my student loans, fix some stuff, buy some more things for the basement to finish it off, and I'll either get the warrior shin guards I've been lusting after or some more tattooing.

My hockey team has moved into 5th place. If we can manage to win the next two games I think we could jump up to 3rd, not to bad for a team that only has one A-league player and several BC level players.

Last week we won, but I didn' t play particularly well. I pulled out some old Lawryde play and got into some shit with some guy on the other team.

There was about 30 seconds left at the end of the game and they were down by two goals. Their best player takes the puck down the left side and he comes into our zone and I take away the outside with my body forcing him to pass it into the middle of the ice to one of our players.

He didn't like it for whatever reason and said some bullshit to me about watch out or something. I, of course, tell him to go fuck himself. (I'm not very nice on the ice.)

As I skate away he decides to slash the back of my legs. I don't take kindly to this and skate up to him getting well into his personal space and ask him if he'd like to fight. He's a little less confident with someone 4-5 inches taller than him staring down at him and smelling if I needed a breath mint or not. He doesn't say anything so I turn away again. Again he gets his stick inbetween my legs trying to trip me.

I've had enough and skate into him, my full cage hitting his half visor. He thinks I head butted him because my cage hit his visor. The game ends and I skate away. He doesn't shake my hand after the game, even though I offer it.

As I'm skating off he asks me why I head butted him. "It's just men's league," he says. I shake my head and tell him whatever and hit the showers.

I'm not the smartest dude in the world, but I knew enough when I wasn't wearing a full cage to not start shit with someone wearing one. I had nothing to lose, I was fully protected, my team was winning, and I was taking one of their best players out of the end of the game. He had his teeth, jaw, and the game to loose.

It was good fun, it brought me back to fun times in C-League.

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Tuesday, January 05, 2010


deleated due to too many companies I listed checking out this post.

Really... you pay someone to check out everything people are writing about you?

4 is more than I thought would have. Creapin' on my blog.