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Monday, January 26, 2009

They Might Make You Think You're Happy

Awesome. I was expecting quite a few, but 20,000 was a bit shocking to me at first. Then I read the entire release. (Which mysteriously is not on our website as of 6:17 pm) Maybe they are changing it in some evil way right now. Anyway, the 20,000 are 8,000 contract employee's (contract scum as well call them around here) 4,000 production employees, mostly those that make small construction stuff, 2,500 people took the buyout and up to 5,000 management and support people. (all the engineers, accountants, marketing jag-offs, etc.) this leaves 500 unknowns, but maybe they are leaving slack in the buyout numbers since that isn't final.

I was also shocked to learn that we are bloated to 113,000. That number doesn't include contract employees or dealers (they are their own businesses just like car dealerships). I'm guessing those 5,000 people will be mostly marketing and product support people.

After all the office talk today, I still feel OK with some shred of fear. (I guess it's always healthy to have a little fear.) The highest selling bulldozer in North America has to be delivered on time for Tier 4 emissions or the business will be f-ed in the a. It's hydraulics need to work. I make sure they work.

And from here on out, I'm not writing anything down or typing up anything. It will all be up here (taps head and smiles a devil's grin) :)

I will buy you a new life, yes I will (as long as I still have a job)


Wednesday, January 14, 2009

She Isn't Real

I've been able to maintain my good mood for a while now. I feel pretty safe at work, even though they told us within hydraulic system development they don't have approved budget for 14 of the people in the group. I'm not sweating because the D6 has budget for the entire year.

(When I'm alone I like to whisper to myself that I'm developing the hydraulic system on the highest selling bulldozer in the United States. It makes me feel special.) As a result, I feel safe. I'm sad though because some cool people in my group are most likely going to have to go someplace else within the company. I'll lose that camaraderie while I'm developing the highest selling bulldozer in the United States.

Money is cheap right now. I'm going to refinance my car and my house some time soon. I should be able to drop my car payment and take 7 years off my mortgage and still pay about the same. Hopefully I can free up enough money so we can get a larger vehicle. I want a pimped out van, but my wife doesn't. She doesn't like the concept of driving a van. If the van is awesome and has all kinds of cool shit in it then I don't mind that idea.

It's going to be cold tomorrow. Like -40 with the windchill. -40 is special. It's where Celsius and Fahrenheit meet and slap each other on the ass on the way to absolute zero. -40 is just -40. Fucking cold.

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Thursday, January 08, 2009


The first post of the New Year. Since I last posted I’ve gone through the most horrible depths of feeling awful both physically and mentally.

Things seem better now. I feel better.

I scored a goal already in hockey this year.

I’ve got some new Christmas toys. (Some sweet tools, an MP3 player, etc.)

I’m going to get tattooed some time in the near future.

I’m being ultra productive at work in an attempt to get promoted and get a raise even in this hell of an economy. (I wrote about 75 pages worth of reports in less than 4 days, normally a month or more long task.)

I’m still going to see Slipknot in February.