Pure Gonzo Engineering

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Tempt not a Desperate Man

The end of the work year. What a shit year. No raise, no bonus (be happy you’re still employed Lawryde.) Suck it, I’m a skilled professional, not some unskilled jack off. I did more work this year than I ever have.

We also learned no raises and most likely no bonus next year. That was a mistake on their part. Sure they get to maintain dividends and all the rich just keep on getting richer. Our CEO gets a check for over $70,000 the first of the year.

I am Jack’s total lack of motivation to do anything more for this company.

I’m owed 5% for the promotion they keep dangling in front of my face and won’t give me, 8% for my merit raise this year, and 8% for my merit raise next year I won’t be getting, or roughly $13,500.

I will be searching for a new job in Wisconsin with renewed vigor and intent in January. This economy is turning, and companies are hiring.

I will find a new job and be done here.

I’ve been fantasizing about the few weeks I’d have after I got a new job and was still working this one. (We used to read pornography…) Telling everyone what I really thought.

No turning back, once I was in Wisconsin I’d never be coming back to central Illinois.

Being able to operate machines every so often does not make up for everything else that’s wrong.

I’d be happier closer to family, where it stays cold in the winter, and cultural things exist and are generally free or cheaper than here.

I’d miss my hockey bro’s, my team I created, my work cohorts, my wife’s support system, but I’m over the rest.

Take your Team Opposite of Dog, you can have it. Soak these local douche bag engineers who don’t know any better and dream of nothing more than going to Bradley, getting a job at Opposite of Dog, farming in their spare time, and dying and being laid to rest next to a corn field.

I need something different.