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Friday, January 14, 2011

Semi Charmed Kind of Life

My coworker asked me at the start of the year if it seemed like nothing was happening with this merger.

I told him yeah, but what is it supposed to seem like? Does he expect them to come in and paint everything highway yellow. All the lawyers and accountants are busy little bees right now.

There was this fantastic fucking news.

Aurora plant capital investment has stopped. Engineering of Opposite of Dog hydraulic shovels has stopped. +1, double-plus-good, Like.

Milwaukee will engineer and produce mining shovels for Opposite of Dog. The first twitch my brain had when this was announced that was that I’d have to move to Aurora. Not anymore.

So now I’m just enjoying living a few blocks away from a big frozen sheet of ice that has a bunch of guys who enjoy playing hockey on it and keeping it maintained.

The boys are going to be crazy good. They learn exponentially fast. At 2.5, having only gone skating 4 times Oz can stand up on his own, hit the puck around and shuffle skate. Carter can go full on forward with no support.

Brings me back to skating at Witter and Robinson. Some of my more lucid memories have the cold and/or outdoors associated with them. I'm fairly smart, but my memory of events in my life is pretty much garbage, sort of like a goldfish... a bit better than a goldfish, but not much.

Maybe that's why I like skating outside so much. It brings back those crisp, clear memories, not the haze or complete voids of most of the last 29 years.

An all 90's rock radio weekend can bring back some clear memories as well.

I don't really know if liking Third Eye Blind is a positive or negative memory.

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