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Sunday, November 21, 2010

What do we do now? … Now? Now, We Wait

I’m more at peace with this entire situation now. It doesn’t give me this dream like feeling when I’m confronted with the information. Just like everyone will die some day, Opposite of Dog will be our new corporate master some day in the future.

I’m glad some people are going to make some fast cash out of the deal. This lady will get a settlement I’m sure, and our boss cashed in right away. (Legal, but still kind of a shady move. Why didn't he sell last Friday? Oh right, he knew he'd make around $600,000 more if he waited the weekend.)

I’m comforted in looking at other companies Opposite of Dog has swallowed. They’ve kept their identity and colors, but just have a little owned by Opposite of Dog subscript on their website. We have more of their core product so our assimilation may be more yellow than the rest.



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