Pure Gonzo Engineering

Sunday, May 09, 2010

Pure Gonzo Engineering

I've been silent for the last month because I've been running the biggest deception of my life.

Tomorrow I'm going to resign from Opposite of Dog I'll give them my two weeks notice, and they'll probably walk me out because I work on machines that are critical to their new EPA emissions product launch. I'm on the front lines and I'm going to work for "competition"

I'll call them Crawford County Ohio, even though they are in South Eastern Wisconsin.

That's right, I'm moving back to the state I love, the resolution of the subtitle to this blog.

I'm getting a 9% raise over the 5% I just got from Opposite of Dog. Crawford County Ohio is paying me a grossed up $7500 to cover incidental moving expenses, paying the closing costs on my house in Bay View, paying in full a moving company to move me out of this cornfield hell, fully packing, moving, and storing my stuff for up to 60 days. Pretty nice deal.

This has been in the works for a while now. Seems like forever. It's the perfect job for me. Same line of work, same type of machinery, hydraulics, and I get to wear a tie to work. The Sand Box and the dirt was fun, but it couldn't last forever. Opposite of Dog's philosophy of management is horrible so if I stayed I'd end up being a jackass who makes powerpoints and attends meetings all day. Crawford County Ohio keeps its managers involved in the technical aspect. I like that.

We sold our house in 24 hours. It's pretty great, and I'm sad to leave it. We've made it our own. It has our blood and sweat in it. It's were Oz was born. We bought a new house in less than 5 days, just in time to take advantage of the $6500 repeat home buyer tax credit. Things that fall into place like this did were always meant to be. (You're always reading this blog post.)

So that's it. I start May 24. We close on the Peoria house on May 28, the Bay View house on June 2.

This is also the official end of this blog.

It was created to deal with Peoria and Opposite of Dog. That is done now. It would be disingenuous to continue posting under its title. Maybe I'll start something new and let people who I know would be interested about it, but this blog is done.

In the words (more or less) of Hunter S. Thompson

There is no point in looking back. Fuck no, not today, thank you kindly. My heart is filled with joy.