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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

I don't know...

It's your life, you don't know how long it's going to be, but you know it's got a bad ending. You have to move forward, as soon as you can figure out what that is.

edit: corrected the quote to be what it really was.


Sunday, September 21, 2008

Dear United States Government

While you are working so hard over the weekend, I would like to propose a rider, or amendment, or whatever the hell it's called (I guess I didn't pay attention in ninth grade government class... sorry Mr. Topp) to the 700 BILLION dollar bailout of all these greedy banks and insurance companies. I would like you to add an extra .00000214% to that and give me like 150,000 dollars.

The money would be spent to pay off the $105,000 remaining on my mortgage which we can pretend is sub-prime and is destroying the economy.

The remaining $45,000 will be used to pay off credit card debt, student loans, and my car loans which we can pretend were predatory in nature and are destroying the economy.

The result will be an extra $2150 I can pump into the economy every month. So in less than 6 years you'll have all that money circulating back into the economy. Won't that be awesome.

Gee you guys and galls are swell.

So I'll just wait for that check, and remember it's Lawryde with a y not an i. We wouldn't want to have any difficulty at the bank would we?

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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Wake Up

For whatever reason I haven’t posted in a while.

Nothing super interesting has been going on.

We’ve gotten over 3 times the average rainfall this month due to the two hurricanes coming here to die. Our basement smells dank now even with the humidifier running 24/7. This could have also been caused by my attempt to clean out the vent pipe for our pluming drain. The internets told me to flush it out with a garden hose, the internets didn’t tell me that this was a bad idea if you have galvanized vent pipe rather than PVC. It ended up leaking at the joints in the walls which resulted in water leaking through my kitchen sealing and all over my wife’s sewing room in the basement. Not the brightest thing I’ve ever done in my life.

All the rain showed that we have some leaks in the flashing around my second furnace chimney. This weekend we should be all dried out and I’ll try to seal it up with that black roof stuff and some caulk on the inside.

I was also stupid this month in the fact that I forgot to subtract our $320 car payment at the beginning of the month. It was strange why we had so much more money than I thought we did. I’m glad I caught it before I spent it.

I guess I need to stop eating so much crap and start eating more brain food. My critical thinking is on a downward spiral.

I’ve got this terrible feeling with like 49 days until the election, that people are going to be fully distracted from the issues with all the Palin garbage and Mccain is going to end up winning. All the young kids won’t show up like they always end up doing, and all the closet racists will show up. I’m hoping the debates will shift the focus where they need to be and people will wake up.

Yup, wake up.



Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Or Maybe

I took a half day vacation on Friday, not to vacation as it were.

I was asked to help one of my wife’s friends move out of her house. She was moving out because she is getting divorced.

They needed people to help move the heavy shit. Myself and her dad were the only two dudes. It wasn’t all that bad. We had to move her out while her husband was a work. It was depressing on a number of levels, moving all this stuff out looking at all the smiling faces on the walls.

My wife is friends with 5 women who are going through divorces or separations right now. Crazy shit. I guess probability wise; it goes death, taxes, and then divorce.

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