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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

I'm Perfect on Paper

Still alive. Just Busy.

Working on wrapping up this wretched assignment.

The American Dream in action, Pure Gonzo Engineering.


Sunday, March 07, 2010

Cold and Alone


Monday, March 01, 2010

A Moose and a Beaver

That was a nice little blog break this weekend. My birthday was pretty good. I got some books, and some money, and some boxers. Then I put my self into an all you can eat sushi and Chinese buffet coma. Luckily I came out of it in time for some vigorous sex.

What a great weekend for hockey. Too bad the USA couldn’t pull it off, but a great game. It sucked Crosby got the game winner too. I would have rather seen anyone else on team Canada get it. Anyone, a moose, a beaver, anyone.

That game had some of the highest ratings of any sporting event in recent history. The NHL and Gary “I want to go on several dates with Sidney Crosby then make sweet, sweet love to him and have his baby” Bettman shouldn’t be too excited though. Olympic hockey is something special. I like watching NHL hockey, but those two USA-Canada games were the best hockey games I’ve ever watched. It cracked me up they were trying to somehow explain fore checking to NBC viewers by relating it to the blitz in football. Guess what? Hockey will never be anywhere near as popular as football, basketball, or baseball in the United States. Why? You can’t just go out and play it in 90% of the United States 95% of the year. (They say 60% of the time it works every time) It takes special equipment and a special surface. Those other sports require a ball and a surface you can find almost anywhere or make up on your own easily. Hockey will always be a niche sport, but that’s part of its charm. I don’t want every asshole to like hockey.

My team of misfits almost beat the second best team in our league. We were winning most of the game an only ended up loosing 4-3, this after loosing to them like 8-1 or something like that last time. I can not score though for whatever reason. I had a chance all alone in front of the net about 10 feet out, and I buried it right in the guy’s chest. I need to work on elevating the puck.

Now that I’m a Senior Engineer at work I feel as though I need to contribute in a more meaningful way. I rocked it out pretty well this morning, but when I rock it out I’m too good and then have nothing to do in the afternoon. I need to pace the brilliance out.

When my promo announcement comes out I have a feeling there is going to be some unhappy people. My nonbeliever status in regards to overtime doesn’t go over well with the dudes putting in 50-60 hours a week. That’s not really my fault though. Fuck taking a pay cut. Find a metric a manager cares about and hang your hat on it. The rest will follow.

I’m attempting to cut my soda intake. I’m backing it off slow, like a junky trying to get clean. I’m limiting myself to 2 cans at work and one at home per day. In a week I’ll cut it to one at work and one at home. Then hopefully one in the morning and that’s it. My 29 year old body can’t handle all the high fructose corn syrup and mercury and aluminum.

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