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Thursday, July 27, 2006

What’s the weather like up your own ass?

I understand why I can manage working where I do. I love designing things, creating things to solve problems. Other than Carter and my wife it’s one of the few things that gives me joy in life. (I guess playing hockey and getting tattooed would be the other things.)

I’ve been redesigning the plumbing system in my house. I’m going to replace all the shitty galvanized pipe with PEX. It’s polyethylene tubing that is much easier to work with than copper, and lasts just as long. My dad is coming down in August and we’re going to rip into the old system and replace it. It should be fun. I like destroying work someone else did and replacing it with my own.

I’m also working on this other little side project. (I’m so much more creative and product when I’m not taking antidepressants) It’s called the Instant Grocery List. It’s for women or men who do the cooking and shopping in the household. You enter in all the different meals you cook and their ingredients. Then you tell it how many days you want to make a menu for and it randomly generates a list and ingredients. Bam. Shopping list done. If you continue to use it week after week you’ll have a far greater variety in the food you eat. I know we always get stuck eating the same stuff week after week because we forget all the things we make. I’ve got some beta versions floating around, and then I’m going to start selling it. Maybe make some extra bank and pay off some of my debt.

Here’s some funny shit for you if you dig Steven Colbert and Steve Corell.

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  • Safeway.com sort of does something like that already. We buy groceries over the internet and have them shipped. The automatic stuff lands in the cart before you order. At least that's what my wife says. It cost 8 bucks to deliver but what the hell, it's all about your time. Show me what you have "floating around". A Republican smells money!!

    When you get down plumbing wanna come out and take a look at a 96 year old house? You can get creative here!!!

    By Blogger Steve, at 12:22 AM, July 28, 2006  

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